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Welding is a making process that joints two types of metals together, usually metals, by using extreme heat to melt the parts together and permitting them to cool causing fusion. By contrast, soldering is used to join commonly many different types of metal by applying heat to make the surfaces flow together. When actually constructing a building or other object, a certain type of filler material is usually added to the mix to ensure that all materials in the job adhere to one another as they are drawn together permanently by some heat; when fire or heat as applied during construction, this welding technique is most often used in conjunction with pressure but can also be done by independently.

There are many types of welding:

  • Gas welding
  • Arc welding
  • Resistance welding
  • Energy beam welding
  • Solid-state welding

The gas welding is the most useful welding process of welding in the welding machine industry and the gas welding is mostly used in all type of machinery and other metal industry.

Gas Welding is one of the old welding processes but lately it has become less popular in industrial applications so it's generally used for piping and tubing repair or related work in industrial settings.

The equipment is made up of two tanks usually, one tank houses oxygen and the other acetylene. This is most common process used to weld and cut metal because the flame is less than an electric arc and therefore produces slower, cooling which can lead to greater residual stresses and distortion.

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