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What is cladding? It is the process of applying one material over another for some advantage or to get rid of some nuisance. We all have seen cladding and are probably even watching it right now. The insulation, the weather resistance, the improvement in the appearance, etc are merely a few examples of how cladding is used. While they can be used on either buildings, or specific parts of buildings like pipes, and rooms, etc. In an country as hot as India, and having mountain ranges where the temperature easily goes below zero degrees during winter months, cladding is very important especially in real estate area. We all know that the value of any property increases as time goes on, however, it is the value of the land not the building. In most cases the value of the building only decreases if they are not taken care of or they become very ill fitted for their specific purposes. Whether it be the monsoon rains, the winter chills, the summer heat waves, or a heavy storm, cladding is essential for making sure that our buildings become better fitted to handle all such extreme circumstances. There is also the benefit of decreased power, for a well insulated building will not allow much heat to come inside during summers or heat to escape outside during winters. Merely getting window capping (cladding of the windows) reduces future paint maintenance cost and provides a weather proof layer to control the inflation of water; and rain screen cladding helps keep the rain out from the walls, bring in an extra layer of insulation all the while preventing excessive air leakage. Cladding Solution Providers do simply that, they provide services which can be looked upon as cladding. So what to look in a Cladding Solution Provider? The first thing that you must always look for is experience. The other important things to look for is whether the providers are a big company or a small one. Most of the times big companies will have more orders and have more experience, however smaller companies will have more determination and want to do a high quality job. The last is for whether the provider is certified or not. It could be that they are a company which has been certified by ISO, or they could be a small group with enough knowledge and experience to be more than fit for being a cladding service provider. While not many of us hold material science degrees, so most of us will need some form of an expert to understand how best we can make our buildings last longer. And being more knowledgeable and concerned about cladding is only going to save us the money in the future and help the environment. SO, do ask about cladding from experts and especially architects.
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