ARC Welding Machine

ARC Welding Machine

ARC 630 Welding Rectifier Machine
Our wide range of products in the arena of welding machine include arc welding too, we have variety of these machines which are arc 630 welding rectifier machine, vigor inverter mma/ arc 4001 welding rectifier machine, arc 400 ij 3 phase, arc welding machine, transformer arc welding machine and transformer based arc welding machine. Our product is highly appreciable due to its great performance and reliability.


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We are offering ARC 630 Welding Rectifier Machine to our clients.

The manufactured machines are used for the welding purpose in many industries such as construction, engineering and more. It helps in metal arc welding which is amongst the most popular welding processes and also takes less time for welding. Our arc welding machines require less maintenance and you can avail these machines at very reasonable cost as comparison to the market. MMA Arc welding machine uses an electrode coated in flux to lay the weld. In the machine, the electric current is used for forming electric arc between metals to be joined and electrode. Vigor’s offered machines are widely used for the welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, low and high alloy steel and many more. In this, an electrode brings close to the work piece by a very light stroke with the electrode to the base metal, and after this it is pulled back to some extent. These can be used in any position and totally depends on the skills of the welder and the electrode. The team vigor have manufactured the machine with quality raw material and advanced methods that ensures their long functional life. Before, buying this machine you can check out each and everything, it will surely lead you to find a high quality machine containing all the essential features. You can also find the differences on the prices of machines with other manufacturer, supplier and traders in the market. 


      • ·       Delicate, portable and multi-functional design
      • ·       Skratch arc start, simple operation, strong welding penetration
      • ·       With adjustable arc force MMA
      • ·       Easily arc start, stable current, high speed of dynamic-response
      • ·       Noise free
      • ·       Little spark, beautiful welding seam
      • ·       Can weld many sort of metal such as stainless steel, alloy steel and copper.
      • ·       Excellent welding performance
      • ·       Excellent thrust regulation
      • ·       Stronger adaptability to welding procedure
      • ·       Nice weld bead
      • ·       Superb Welding Control
      • ·       Enables extension of welding cable up to 50 to 100 meters
      • ·       Small spatter and stable arc Control

      Product Details:

      Power SourceElectric
      Model TypeARC 630
      Current35 KVA
      TechnologyIGBT Based
      Voltage(V)415 V +/-10%
      Motor TypeDC Motor
      Weight45 Kg
      PhaseThree Phase
      requency50/60 Hz
      Dimension720X390X625 mm
      Electrode Diameter1.5 to 5 mm
      Suitable Welding Thickness0.5-50 mm

      SizeSmall, Medium & Large
      ColorPink & White
      Hight26 cm
      Length40 cm
      Weight15 Kg
      MotorMotor type
      Power3 Kva
      Accessoriesother accessories