Cnc Plasma Cutting Machines

Cnc Plasma Cutting Machines

Cnc plasma cutting machine: our offered CNC plasma machines are widely used in diverse metal manufacturing and construction sites, they come in a variety of sizes. Their style and sizes of the cutter are selected according to the type of these machines or as per the requirement of concerned industry. The vigor welding has achieved high tech technological advancements of these machines which can allowed to cut massive piece of steel into pieces with great accuracy and preciseness.

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The quality and preciseness of machine is excellent, possible with the help of programmed cutting software, torch head cuts plainly and efficiently and generally there is no need to use some secondary cutting techniques after CNC machines provided by vigor welding. After acknowledging the requirements of our clients for a diverse range of industrial welding machines, plasma welding machines and cutting equipment are available with us. here at vigor we offer a wide range, of such machines which is known for excellent performance.


Quality cutting and versatility in cutting is the distinctive feature of our cutting machines since they are able to cut very deeply and quality of cutting is un-matching as compared to other equivalent cutting techniques. Our product is safe to operate because it is equipped with an exhaust system to drain out any smoke produced. Our range of products in this area include portable CNC ( cantilever type- 1.5x3.0 meter), portable type CNC flame cutting, CNC gantry type with servo motor 1.5x6.3, portable gantry CNC plasma cutting machines, CNC gantry type with servo motor 1.5x6.5, and CNC gantry type with stepper motor 1.5x6.5.

APPLICATION: CNC plasma cutters are used in a variety of environments. These include fabrication and welding centers, auto repair and restoration shops, industrial construction sites, and salvage operation sites. Plasma cutting can be utilized in large production facilities or by hobbyists at home, making its application quite varied across the board. CNC plasma cutters have also become reasonably priced, so this is another reason they are found in all environments. Whether you are creating artwork or manufacturing finished parts, plasma cutting offers unlimited possibilities for cutting aluminum, stainless steel, and more.