Microplasma 55 Plasma Welding Machine

Product Details:

Model Name/NumberMicroplasma 55
Voltage220 V
Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Weight33.6 kg
Dimensions625 x 377 x 531
EMC ClassA
Insulation ClassH
Protection ClassIP23
Tank Capacity5 L
Flow Rate5 l/min
Max Output Pressure3.5 Bar

Modular plasma/TIG welding machine with Comfort 2.0 P control
Plasma and TIG welding
Plasma and pulsed TIG welding
Plasma and pulsed TIG welding up to the kHz range allow a high welding speed with minimal heat input using a constricted arc
Plasma and TIG welding current adjustable in 0.1 A increments
Pilot arc current adjustable in 0.1 A increments between 215 A
The pilot arc current can be adjusted at four operating points during the welding process (beforehand, during, and following welding, as well as during pauses in welding)
Non-latched/latched operation
Spot welding/tack function (spotArc/spotmatic)
Spotmatic  reduce the time required for tacking by up to 50% (TIG only)
Adjustable up-slope and down-slope time
Adjustable gas pre- and post-flow time
Temperature, flow and pressure monitoring for the coolant circuit
All control elements and connections for welding torches, remote controls and workpiece leads are directly accessible on the front of the machine
Integrated gas metering unit in the connection box
Non-interchangeable connections for all mediums
Welding torch connection using quick connect coupling
Connection capability for remote control
Two system bus connections (e.g. for ewm Xnet)
Set-up with Trolly 55-6 and Cool 50 MPW50; alternatively, a separate recooling unit can be used
No additional mains connection required for Cool 50 MPW50, the Cool unit is supplied with mains voltage via the power source
Optional network connectivity with ewm Xnet software via LAN or WiFi gateway
3.5 m mains supply lead with 16 A shock-proof plug
Please always use an electrode setting gauge to achieve optimum welding results