TIG AC DC/ARC 315 Welding Machine

TIG AC DC/ARC 315 Welding Machine

Plasma welding or cutting machines are considered the perfect welding machine in the metal fabrication industry, any kind of welding cannot replace it, whether it is mig, tig, or arc welding. Vigor welding is the flawless destination to get such plasma welding or cutting machines in the Indian industry at very reasonable prices. Our team has manufactured the machine, the features of which cannot be compared with others competitors like its clean cuts, high accuracy, and ease of doing work and the great performance itself introduce our team’s hard work. We have developed it with many technical innovations. Our range of products in the concerned arena include microplasma 25 plasma welding machine, microplasma 55 plasma welding machine and micro plasma 105 plasma welding machine. All have their own application sphere and features. The machines are portable and economical along with that hailed as the best cutter in the market for automotive and industrial parts.

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Item Code: TIG-ARC-AC-DC-200P

Product Description:

  • An advance MOSFET control technology.
  • Compact, portable, highly effective, low consumption energy saving.
  • Two modes for tig welding AC DC output step.
  • Ac mode used to weld aluminium and ac mode use to SS\MS sheet.
  • Thermostatic control, force air cooled and carrying strap with handle.
  • Impulse inside with overload protection.


  • Rated input current: 13.6
  • Range of output current: 56 V
  • Open circuit voltage: 22.6
  • Rated output voltage: 0-2S
  • Pre-flow time: 20-80%
  • Clean width: 0-5S

The plasma cutter offered by the vigor welding is fast accurate and is of high-quality product that can maintain the quality reliability and accuracy of the client’s cutting process.

Following are key features of Vigor Cutting Systems’ or vigor welding machine:

  • ·       Modular plasma/TIG welding machine with Comfort 2.0 P control
  • ·       Plasma and TIG welding
  • ·       Plasma and pulsed TIG welding
  • ·       Plasma and pulsed TIG welding up to the kHz range allow a high welding speed with minimal heat input using a constricted arc
  • ·       Plasma and TIG welding current adjustable in 0.1 A increments
  • ·       Pilot arc current adjustable in 0.1 A increments between 2–15 As
  • ·       The pilot arc current can be adjusted at four operating points during the welding process (beforehand, during, and following welding, as well as during pauses in welding)
  • ·       Non-latched/latched operation
  • ·       Spot welding/tack function
  • ·       Spot-matic – reduce the time required for tacking by up to 50% (TIG only)
  • ·       Adjustable up-slope and down-slope time
  • ·       Adjustable gas pre- and post-flow time
  • ·       Temperature, flow and pressure monitoring for the coolant circuit
  • ·       All control elements and connections for welding torches, remote controls and work piece leads are directly accessible on the front of the machine
  • ·       Integrated gas metering unit in the connection box
  • ·       Non-interchangeable connections for all mediums
  • ·       Welding torch connection using quick connect coupling
  • ·       Connection capability for remote control
  • ·       Two system bus connections.
  • ·       3.5 m mains supply lead with 16 A shock-proof plug