Tig Welding Machine

Tig Welding Machine

VIGOR is the best  "Tig Welding Machine manufacturer" in Delhi with the highest quality and widest range of Tig Welding Machines.These machines are used in Aerospace and Automotive industries to Weld metals like aluminium, copper ,bronze, steel, nickel alloys etc. Tig welders are those who operate Tig Welding Machines to combine thin metals.

 What is a Tig Welding Machine ?

 Which type of products Vigor Welding produces for you?

The full form of word TIG is Tungsten Inert Gas.It is also known as  Gas Tungsten Arc Machine.The Tig Welding Machine produces the weld with a non-consumable tungsten electrode.We are producing different types of Tig Welding as we say in starting Vigor Welding is the best Tig Welding Machine manufacturer in Delhi.


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Here is the list of different types of Tig Welding Machine that we provide

  • TIG / MMA 200 A Welder Machine
    Model : TIG / MMA 200 A
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • TIG 400 P Inverter Welding Machine
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • TIG 500P AC/DC Welding Machine
    Model: TIG 500P AC/DC
    Dimension (L x B x H)960x561x980 mm
  • TIG 400P AC/DC Welding Machine
    Model: TIG 400P AC/DC
    Dimension (L x B x H)590x380x410
  • Tig 200 Dc Pulse Welding Machine
    Model: TIG 200 DC Pulse
    Dimension (L×B×H)400x146x278 mm
  • TIG AC DC/ARC 315 Welding Machine
    Item Code: TIG-ARC-AC-DC-200P
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • ARC And TIG Welding Machine
    Weight (Approx.) 30 Kg
    Rated input power 3.9 KVA
  • Inverter based AC/DC TIG Welding Machine
    Phase: Three Phase
    Technology: Inverter Based
  • Vigor TIG Titan 200 Welding Machine
    Automatic GradeAutomatic
    Voltage: 220 V
  • Inverter Based TIG/ARC Welding Machine
    Phase Three Phase
    Technology Inverter Based
  • Pico TIG Welding Machine
    Phase: Single Phase
    Brand EWM
  • TIG Welding Machine
    Phase: Single Phase
    Voltage: 220 V
  • Inverter Based AC/DC TIG Welding Machine
     Phase: Three Phase
    Technology: Inverter Based
  • Maxi Arc 250 Welding Machine
    Model: Maxi ARc 250
    Phase: Single Phase
  • TIG 400 Welding Machine
    Rated Input Voltage 415 V
    Input Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Die Maintenance Welding Machine
    Input Supply Voltage: 220V/380V
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz

What are the points that were kept in mind while purchasing Tig Welding Machine?

Two points that should be kept in mind while purchasing Tig Welding are :

  1. Heat Controller ( Manual or Automatic)

    The first point to keep in mind is the thickness of the metal that you want to weld.

  2. Input Power 
    The ideal input power of 200 amps for ½ inch thick weld metal for 220 V welders. Welders of 115 V are enough to weld ¼ inch thick weld, power of 140 amps.

    What are the types of strongest Weldings?
    8 Strongest Types of Welding

    • Fillet Welds
    • Groove Welds
    • Fillet welds with a MIG Welder
    • Groove welds from stick welding
    • Aluminium TIG welds
    • Tack Welds With TIG
    • Single-v and Square Groove Joints With TIG
    • Flux Core Welds In thicker metals


    1. Can you teach yourself to TIG weld?

    No, learn it from institute or colleges, because it is very dangerous to operate Tig Welding Machine without knowledge.

    1. Is TIG welding easy?

            It is most difficult to learn.

    1. Can you TIG weld without gas
      No, Gas is needed to weld otherwise it harm the weld pool and Tungsten electrode.
    1. Which welding is best?

    Tig Welding, because the process of Tig Welding Machine is the highest quality process. Also the most expensive process. 

    1. Is cold welding the same as TIG welding?

    Yes ,TIG Welding is also known as cold Welding due to direct and alternative current setting.