Vigor MZ 1250 Welding Machine

Product Details:

Voltage415 V
Weight34 Kg
Dimensions558X609X330 mm
Insulation ClassH
Input Power Consumption18 KVA
No Load Voltage270 V
Rated Duty Cycle60%
Function and features:
Cutting manner: Cutting with compressed air
Scope of application: Petroleum Industry, Chemical Industry, Power Supply, metallurgy, shipbuilding, boilers, pressured vessels, pipes, vehicles and aerospace manufacturing

Key Benefits
  • Excellent welding performance
  • Smooth cutting edge and high cutting precision
  • Stable output, small cutting tension and deformation
  • Machine models above 70 adopts non-contact arc starting
  • Superior instantaneous arc, able to easily cut the unsettled, rusted and painted metal
  • Integrity protection system: under voltage lockout, over-current protection, overheating, overload protection to ensure the welding machine‚Äôs safety, durability and reliability
  • Optional features
  • EMC electromagnetic compatibility function and powerful grid filtering function to reduce power supply pollution, internal circuits and components are well-protected by excellent anti-interference performance to secure stability and reliability